Housecleaning Tips From Housecleaning Pros

We have crafted checklists that reveal all of our household cleaning secrets. A tip to help you get in the cleaning mood is to turn on some music. Then begin picking up some items. With your lively music on, look over old books, newspapers, toys and other belongings that may be ready for a donation. Decide if your family still uses these items and donate them. While you are dusting make sure to turn off lights and fans that are on.

Closets are infamous for being places for clutter. House cleaners in Chesterfield MO are aware of how these closets can attract the belongings we no longer wear, use or need. Don’t be afraid to take on these closets. De-cluttering closets can take time depending on what all needs to be discarded and organized.

When dusting decide to use microfiber cloths. Microfiber cloths will help with allergens while cleaning. They will also remove more dust to aid in better air quality. Tie damp cloths onto the end of a mop or broom. Then use this mop or broom to remove cobwebs. This is a better way to get cobwebs out of corners and window sills. Make sure to dust the blinds. These blinds collect more dust and allergens than what we see. Dust ceiling fans, light fixtures, furniture and anything else in your home that is dusty. Spray glass cleaner on a microfiber cloth to wipe the screens of computers and televisions.

House cleaners in Chesterfield MO advise that before you begin vacuuming your home you need to make sure the bag or compartment area is not already full. If the bag is full empty it. Have all the attachments that come along with the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum all floors and carpets. Do not forget your upholstery items need cleaning as well. You will be amazed at what you find laying around your home. Inside of couch cushions and behind curtains and underneath beds you will discover all types of lost items.

When cleaning your home the floors are one of the main parts of the home that have to be cleaned. Sweeping and mopping is customary.  Sometimes treating floors is also very necessary. Sweep before mopping. When mopping, mop yourself out of the room. Start farthest away from the entrance. Then mop towards the entrance. Allow the floors to dry before walking on them.

Do not forget about waxing. It is easy to neglect furniture care. If you have wooden furniture it needs care from time to time. Wood furniture needs to be waxed. Shine and polish your other furniture as well.

When you’re cleaning your kitchen there are certain things you should be mindful of.Here is a quick kitchen checklist. Wipe down appliances, cabinets and counter tops. Clean the outside and inside of the microwave with a wet cloth. Clean and disinfect the sink. Don’t forget to sweep and mop the kitchen floor.

Here’s a helpful checklist for cleaning your bathrooms. Before vacuuming remove any thing on the floor. It is best to clean the bathroom first before sweeping or vacuuming. Let this be your last step. Apply a bathtub cleaner to the tub or shower. Allow this to sit as there may be grime that takes time to come off. After sitting for sometime, wet a cloth and begin wiping away the grime in the tub or shower. When cleaning the tub or shower do not forget to clean the soap dishes. Do not forget to put any rugs or wastebaskets back in the bathroom once you are finished cleaning the floor.

If you have dusted and vacuumed your bedroom, then you won’t have much work to do. Set furniture back up that you may have moved or rearranged to vacuum and de-clutter. Make up the bed. Straighten up anything else in the bedroom.

Before your tidying up is done do not forget to clean the windows. Your spray should be streak-free. Only spray a little. Wipe windows with old newspapers. Contact a professional window cleaning service for large or outdoor windows.

Housecleaning can be fun. De-cluttering does not have to be as bad as one may think. Make housecleaning and de-cluttering more fun by adding music to your housecleaning routine. Use the right tools and supplies to clean with. Use the tips provided here by expert House cleaners in Chesterfield MO to aid you in cleaning your home. Whenever you need assistance with cleaning you know who to contact to help with all your housecleaning and de-cluttering needs.