House Cleaning in Ballwin, MO

If you are looking to do some house cleaning in Ballwin, MO then chances are you realize that it’s a very daunting task. Naturally, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone that likes to clean, but of course everyone loves a house that is spotless. Is there some way to clean your house quickly and efficiently?

Unfortunately, there are a lot of novices out there that aren’t even sure whether they should vacuum or dust first. They have trouble with organization since they aren’t sure whether they should start with the bathroom or the kitchen or the other way around. However, the good news is that there is an organized, step-by-step guide from experienced house cleaning professionals to help you save time and make your house cleaning in Ballwin, MO project go as quickly as possible:

Tips To Clean Your House Fast

1. Clean all over the house, and not just one room.

Do you want to make your house cleaning as efficient as possible? If so, the best way to do that is through picking just one task, such as mopping, vacuuming, or dusting, and doing that task throughout your whole entire house. If you do it this way instead of just cleaning the bedrooms, the kitchen, and the bathroom, you are less likely to get burned out and feel overwhelmed.

2. Keep all of your cleaning tools in one spot.

If you put all of your cleaning tools in a bucket, tote, or caddy, it will make it easier for you to clean because you will have all of your supplies in one nice, portable area. It will make it much easier for you to get the job done and you won’t waste time trying to find all of your cleaning supplies either. Additionally, you won’t get overwhelmed with trying to find them all over again as you go from task to task.

3. Sweep all of the clutter away.

You should methodically go from room to room and examine all of the clutter. After you pick up each of the items, you should determine whether that item needs to be kept or not. Things such as paperbacks, magazines, old clothing, and other items are all things that you think long and hard about whether you should keep or not.

4. Do a lot of vacuuming and dusting.

When you dust, the first step you should is to ensure that the ceiling fan has been turned off. Make sure you start your dusting with the top of all of the furniture and then focus on the undersides of the shelves, tv screens, walls, racks, knickknacks, picture frames, and many other areas. You should use a broom for areas that are difficult to reach, such as upper shelves or blinds. You also should make sure that the sheets in all of the bedrooms have been changed before you vacuum them.

5. Pay close attention to mirrors and glass.

When you are cleaning glass and other such surfaces, you should use a damp microfiber cloth and then follow it with a dry cloth to wipe all of these surfaces completely clean.

6. Make sure that all surface areas and countertops are thoroughly disinfected.

Take a long, hard look at your house, looking at all of the hard surfaces. If they are smudged, you should wipe them down with disinfectant. This goes for such things as light switches, door knobs, telephones, and TV remotes. A good rule of thumb is to disinfect all of the surfaces that might bring germs to people’s faces or fingers. It’s generally a good idea to make a nontoxic disinfection solution such as one-fourth or a half cup of vinegar mixed with water.

7. Get those toilets, sinks, and tubs as clean as possible.

Make sure that you spray a cleaning solution on all of the tubs, toilets, and the kitchen sink. You should let it sit for about five minutes or so and that way it will dissolve any grime or stains that have accumulated. Once you given it some time, go back to the kitchen and begin scrubbing. After you make sure you wipe down the microwave, then go clean the toilet as quickly as possible. Also, while you are in the kitchen, don’t forget to fully inspect the garbage disposal. It should be in solid shape. If it’s not, there are plenty of DIY garbage disposal cleaning suggestions online.

8. Sweep, but also mop as well.

Sweep the bathroom floors and the kitchen. Begin your mopping in the farther corner of the room in order to avoid mopping yourself into a corner. A good rule of thumb is to rinse the mop once you completed cleaning a 4-by-4-foot area.

9. When you vacuum, make sure you move often.

When people vacuum, they have a tendency to want to try to get every nook and cranny. However, this isn’t necessarily the best method. Rather, you should simply just keep moving throughout the house. There is no need to run the vacuum in more than just one pass. Of course, you also should keep a cleaning schedule in mind. You should understand that there are some tasks that simply won’t need to be done every week. Things such as furniture waxing, window cleaning, and washing the rugs and bath mats can all simply just be done occasionally. When it comes to house cleaning in Ballwin, MO, simply use your own judgment for when it’s time to do these tasks.

10. You should also clean your cleaning tools as well.

Of course, while you are working hard on cleaning this house, don’t neglect keeping all of your cleaning tools clean as well! Using a vacuum with a dirty filter or a stained-up mop is basically of no value and will end up being more of a liability rather than an asset.

11. Make this a group activity.

Finally, if you can, make your house cleaning in Ballwin, MO efforts a team endeavor if possible. This is a great strategy for cleaning a house as fast as possible. If you assign tasks to each person, you can make your house as sparkling as the day it was built in no time flat! Of course, after you get done cleaning your house, you might want to clean out your car as well!